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MoChihChu Schofield Chiropractic Training Podcast

Sep 3, 2020

Dr. FJ Schofield Here.

A really, really important part of practice is the Report of Findings.

It’s huge! 1st and 2nd visit are obviously a big deal, and once you get those new patients in the door you have to then communicate effectively so they understand what is going on and so that they actually commit to care.

Most complaints that we hear from other patients that have gone to other chiropractors is that he or she didn’t explain anything.

“I would just come in, they’d adjust me and they’d say come back and I just had no idea about what was going on”

People want a plan, they want progression, and they want an explanation. Help them understand what’s going on in your mind. They want to know and it’s your responsibility to take them through the process. Start with this blue print

The biggest mistake that’s typically made is that people talk the entire time, not asking the patient question and going for way too long. If you don’t have a structured plan, you’re going to get wordy, talk too much and water down your message and impact. You end up not getting the people that you can help, but if you communicate the right way you’ll connect with the center bell curve of patients that will commit, that will follow through and that will get better. If you don’t communicate effectively to them then after 2 or 3 adjustments they’re going to give up, especially slow healers.

You don’t have to be super fear based or manipulative. You can have fun and be principled with your patients. Most people don’t master the fundamentals, they just want the shortcut. When you “sell” them on care using fear, those patients end up getting buyers remorse.